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Details Make A Difference

Rachlin is produced in the highest quality upholstery factories in Asia. These factories also supply other high-end name-brands such as Ethan Allen, Thomasville, Lexington, Drexel-Heritage, and Ralph Lauren. We also work directly with the leading mills to develop the highest quality materials using high-end chenilles, silks, leather, crewel, and an incredible variety of decorative trims. Some designs have several pillows, several different fabrics, and several different trims. Many of these fabrics and trims are exclusive to Rachlin. The difference is in the details. Most of our styles are designed to “float”. The sides and the back are as beautiful and finished as the front. The attention to detail – hand-carving, tailoring, trim, and seating comfort – is as good as or better than most high-end brands. There is no "cutting corners".

Fashion-Forward Designs and Styles

Rachlin Classics develops fashion-forward and sometimes iconoclastic designs. It is not boring. We are best known for "Gourmet Traditional" styling which features opulent materials, beautiful shapes, and richly detailed wood carving and finishes. However, the last few seasons have seen a growth in "Urbanologie" – a more eclectic, colorful, whimsical item-driven style targeting a younger customer. Much of the marketing direction and design of the product line comes from close collaboration with our retail partners. We also create proprietary private branded product for several leading retailers. Despite our low-profile, we are selling more than half of the top 100 furniture retailers in the US.
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