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Quality You Can Depend On. Always.

Newport Furniture was founded in 2010 with the idea that we wanted to create a company that was more than just a typical furniture manufacturer. To us here at Newport, we're not just making furniture; we're making a product that will become an integral part of your home or business. That's why we take great pride in bringing you the highest quality furnishings, built here in America for American families and American businesses. Whether you're shopping for a formal living room or the all important family room, when you buy a Newport product, you know you're getting excellent quality at a price you can afford.

Classic Style — 21st Century Design

At Newport Furniture, we also realize that while many of our customers want furniture and accessories with a traditional sense of style, they also want us to build responsible products with the future in mind. That's why we here at Newport use recycled materials in many parts of our manufacturing process. What's more, our management and engineers strive every day to make our manufacturing process more efficient, bringing you a product that not only lives up to the high standards our customers expect, but does so with less waste. For example, our Pocketed Coil Seating not only resists wear and tear longer, but does so while using, on average, nearly 80% less foam than that used by conventional foam cushions. This advance in seating comfort not only offers great comfort to our customers – but also offers incredible durability and sustainability.

Building Furniture — Creating Jobs

We realize that the last few years have been hard for many Americans. In a difficult economy, many furniture companies have been forced to close their doors or send their manufacturing processes overseas. That's why we here at Newport are proud of the fact that, despite the troubled economic times, we're creating new jobs —right here in America.

More Than Just a Brand

So when you see that Newport label, know that you're not just buying another piece of furniture. You're helping us create new jobs for American workers. You're buying a responsible product designed for a sustainable future. Most importantly, when you purchase Newport furniture and accessories, you're getting quality pieces built to last and the customer service you deserve—at a price you can afford.
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