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With value in mind, each Spectra Home style utilizes time-tested construction techniques, from eight-way hand tied coils to hand-cut and sewn fabrics and leathers. Take a look around. Whether your tastes are trendy or timeless, Spectra Home has a wide selection of upholstered sofas, chairs, ottomans, sectionals and recliners.

We create the look that furniture customers want and do it while adhering to efficient construction standards that maximize productivity, generating additional savings. All orders are filled from strategically located warehouses and serviced by our excellent team of Customer Service Representatives.

When it comes to fulfilling your dreams of a perfect dwelling, we have done the legwork for you. What sets us apart is our large assortment of products with exclusive designs at affordable prices.

We have also selected factory partners that stress exceptional quality and craftsmanship which meets our high standards.

Our quality control experts inspect every piece of furniture during every step of production.
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