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Curations Limited products are made with exceptional quality. And each product has its own distinct personality. This is because every CL item is a reflection of the people who have created it. From founder to the customer service team, the CL brand has been shaped by the passion, creativity, and dedication of the personalities behind it. CL stands alone in its approach to the design and manufacturing of high-quality furniture and accessories that are value- priced. Every detail of each design is given meticulous attention and embodies the company's long-term commitment to quality. Created from the highest quality raw materials, each CL heirloom piece is designed to be a classic fixture in the home that provides beauty and comfort day in and day out, year after year.

Quality Plus Value
The materials were chosen for durability as well as beauty. The upholstery, cabinetry, and accessories have been created with an eye for timeless design. Vintage motifs are blended with a contemporary, casual aesthetic for a tasteful reflection of personal style. Our goal is guaranteed satisfaction in our long-term relationships with customers. CL represents the successful synergy of design, quality, comfort, and value.
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