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President Charles Schneider started in the business of manufacturing "with a few pieces of Furniture" at 13th and Farnam Street in Omaha, Nebraska in 1946. He later purchased a space about five blocks by two blocks in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The furniture manufacturing company is located on this site as well as a foam manufacturing and foam fabrication company he also started. At Charles Schneider Fine Furniture, our uncompromising standards of Design and Workmanship were established in 1946. We at Charles Schneider Fine Furniture have built our entire Business Philosophy around these standards of Excellence. We firmly believe that our Fine Furniture can only be described as The Best. We have always stressed the importance of developing beautiful, functional designs, and bring them to life with the finest International and Domestic fabrics available and with the utmost in quality craftsmanship. Our goals of giving Value and Lifetime Comfort will never be compromised. We don believe in short cuts, and that makes a difference you can see and feel. Only time and care and the hands of skilled craftsman can create uncommon beauty and quality.
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