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Our products are manufactured with wood from our own renewable forests, in a continued and balanced cycle. With a total of approximately 5.000 acres of forest, we have a complete control of our raw material.

Our industrial processes utilizes sustainable products like recycled carton, pva glues and others materials that do not harm our environment.

We are proud to offer a product that will bring comfort and functionality to your home together with a good feeling that your have of when cooperating for a sustainable world.

Think Green - Think Eco-Friendly Home Furnishings from Renar.

RENAR - The name was created in 1919 when the Europen immigrants Rene and Arnoldo Frey united their initials and their dreams to build a new life in Brazil.

The cold south of Brazil was their new home. Production in harmony with nature is what Renar seeks with it's forests on Fraiburgo, since many years explored and replanted in a continuous and balanced cycle.

This verticalization allows the quality control of each step of the process, since the production on the nursery, proportioning a absolute reliability on the supply of wood.

In order to attend its demanding markets, Renar has invested in state of the art equipment, available in Germany and Italy, for its production of solid wood furniture.

The combination of numeric controlled machines (CNC) with modern management techniques permit renar to produce with great flexibility and precision.

The quality of its human resources and the valorization of teamwork are the main principles which orient the development of the total quality production.
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