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Brand philosophy
In a sea of sameness, the cobistyle brand stands apart. Accessible to all – no pretense or anxiety – cobistyle works now and will forever. Great taste that’s fun and personal.

The brand is built around Cobi’s personal style and spirit and her vision of creating approachable, comfortable and happy homes. Her friendly, down-to-earth style and creative ‘stamp of approval’ brings confidence and guidance to consumers across the country.

Design philosophy
cobistyle is built not only on a unique style but a unique attitude. The style is pretty, worldly, enduring, sophisticated and vibrant. The attitude is lively, approachable, charming and fun. It’s an inclusive, approach to good design – which can often be stuffy, confusing and exclusive.

cobi collection is made up of an ever expanding group of home and lifestyle products. Cobi edits the world and brings to market all that is classic, comfortable and chic.
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