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Committed to building quality furniture

We've been around since 2002 and have grown and prospered since that time under the leadership of our President, Jeremy Lafayette. Beginning in a small garage and growing into two divisions, Townhouse Home Furnishings and Madison House now occupy over 300k of production and warehouse space. Growth has come fast and it all because of our product, customer service and dedicated employees. Townhouse currently employs 120 and Madison House already has 32 with commitments of increasing to 85 within 2 years.

Producing quality furniture for a fair price is only possible with a dedicated group of employees, forward minded management and the resources necessary to compete the cycle. With the help of our customers and suppliers, we have been able to obtain the needed raw materials and when combined with our superior employees, produce quality furniture in the most efficient process. Townhouse & Madison House are both proud to maintain our own cut & sew operations that allow us to have great turnaround time between orders placed and actual shipments. We are not dependent on overseas shipments to produce our cut & sew kits.
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