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With our head office in Sykkylven, Norway, our product inspirations have come from the magnificent
mountain ranges of the Sunnmørs Alps as well as from the rich local knowledge of the world leading comfort recliner industry, which actually is located in the middle of the Sunnmørs Alps.

That’s why we know that the ultimate recliner can only be made with the proper balance between comfort and design linked to an ultra smooth and dynamic action. We have achieved this by using the unique SITBEST easy recline system with its built-in footrest, enabling your legs to rest higher in a most ergonomical and comfortable relaxing position.
SITBEST now presents the next generation of comfort recliners, all being named after these spectacular mountain peaks. Our recliners do have unique and dynamic characteristics, like the Sunnmørs Alps, whether you prefer the stylish upholstered arms with its four modern base choices, or the unique and elegant open wooden designer disc base.

To enjoy the power of the comfort built within these SITBEST recliners, our designers have come up with the design that lets you actually sit “in“ the chair as apposed to sitting “on” other recliner chairs. For added benefit, each model comes in three sizes: large, medium and small, to suit the taller and smaller persons. There is no messy handle to activate the mechanism; just a small pressure applied with your back is enough to activate our 3 way recliner.
You will find it hard not to fall asleep as you recline to the full sleep position. We have even designed all SITBEST 3 way recliners to come with motor options, so at the push of a button your recliner moves you
into your relaxing position thus bringing your dreams nearer than you think!

SITBEST is now presenting a real innovation; the SITBEST Comfort System, which is a new function option for all the Sitbest 3 way recliners and sofas. By pulling an activator between the seat and the arm, you can release and fix the backrest in any position, independently from the push operated build in footrest. On several models we also offer an option for height adjustable headrest (Raana, Slogen, Bispen, Kongen & Finnan).

We have improved our sofa program by introducing a Zero Wall sofa option on most designs, including our Media Sofas, and developed matching low back fixed sofas on 2 different families.

SITBEST now offers several related product categories on most product families like matching SITBEST Swivel Rocker chair and the SITBEST Power Recliner in 3 sizes.

SITBEST – for the best reclining comfort sit ever –
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