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Simply Amish furniture is still made by authentic Amish craftsmen, working on more than 50 family farms scattered throughout the heartland of America. Most are small family shops with only four or five craftsmen, while some shops might employ as many as 30 skilled workers. But regardless of the size, tradition still dictates the construction of every design. Each piece of lumber is still cut, shaped, sanded and stained by seasoned hands, using a keen eye to eliminate any imperfections and bring out the natural beauty of rich maple, solid oak and other select hardwoods.

Unlike low-quality knock-offs, our furniture isn't cut and stamped by computers. It's custom crafted by a skilled craftsman who signs his work, just like any master artist. The work is personal. And the commitment runs deep. In fact, should your piece of Simply Amish furniture ever become damaged or need repairs, we'll return it to the very craftsman who made it. And he'll restore it to look just like it did on the day it left his shop.
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